• E-Transfer

We now accept e-transfer payments!

To provide as many convenient options for payment as we can, we now accept e-transfers as well!

To pay for your room or to make a payment for somebody else's stay:
  1. Send the total amount (with tax included) to etransferchateaumotel@hotmail.com
  2. Call us at our front desk (780-988-6661) to let us know about this payment
  3. If required, a receipt will be scanned and emailed to you for your records.

  1. You must provide the transaction password via email or phone for us to be able to accept it!
  2. There are no refunds on the amount once accepted. You may however cancel it from your end if it has not been accepted yet.
  3. A refundable damage deposit may still be required to be paid by the guest at check-in.

Please call us at 780-988-6661 for any further information.